Joining God where He is working…

The Values of our church are found in our name:

Grace – Our Approach.  God leads with grace toward us. Grace leads our interactions with each other as well as with the world we engage.  We honor the work of God’s grace in others, recognizing His ways are not our ways.

Family – Our Commitment.  In Christ, God declares us family.  Caring for each other is more than friendship requires.

Church – Our Calling.  Instead of following Jesus independently, we choose to follow Him together.  As God works through those in our fellowship, we sincerely seek Jesus on how to support or participate in those callings.

Our Mission to our Community

Jesus actively pursued folks considered outsiders by the religious and social structures of His day. We desire to pursue similar folks in our day, as often these people are closer to Christ than most would assume.

We begin our service with a meal together. You cannot eat a meal with someone and be a stranger!