Prison Ministry

Jesus made a direct point in Matt that his disciples would be characterized by doing the things he would do, going to the places He would go, and visiting the people He would visit – including prisoners.

Prison is a place of isolation. It is also a place that, often for the first time in one’s life, someone has the opportunity to seriously reflect on their life. This includes their relationship with God.

Jesus is at work in our prisons. Extending the same grace everyone needs. Partnering with Prison Fellowship, we facilitate a four year seminary program for inmates serious in pursuing their calling in life.

Through this program, we have identified a called, gifted pastor. With our support, he has established a viable, active church on A-Yard at High Desert State Prison.

This is our main emphasis for outreach. It is a mission field, gifted the Jesus followers of Lassen County. Everything we can do to join God’s work is a blessing that will be celebrated in eternity.

Join us! We absolutely do not require you to be a member of our church to go to prison with us. Come for a visit and see what God is doing. But WARNING! I can almost guarantee you will want to become more involved 🙂

For more information on TUMI, visit: The Urban Ministry Institute – Prison Fellowship